SharePoint users can add content to discussion boards, announcements, calendars, libraries (document, picture and form) and blogs via email. By setting your list or library up to receive email, you can efficiently update the content of your site without having to navigate the SharePoint frontend.

  1. Login to your SharePoint site.
  2. Navigate to the list or document library you want to email to.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Choose List Settings or Document Library Settings respectively.
  5. In the far right column, select Incoming Email Settings.
  6. Click Yes to allow items to be added through email and create an email address to which you will send the items.
  7. OPTIONAL: You can modify other Incoming Email Settings regarding attachments, messages, meeting invitations and security on this page, as well.
  8. When finished, click OK to complete the setup. Incoming email has now been enabled for your SharePoint list or library.

Before you begin emailing content to your SharePoint site, there are a few things you need to know. First, if your security settings are set to only accept email messages based on list permission, you must have user permission to write content to the list. In addition, it is required that you email from the email address specified in your SharePoint user profile. Content coming from unknown email addresses or users without “contribute” permissions will not be added to the list or library.

Once you have covered these basic rules, you can add content to document, picture and form libraries by simply sending emails to the specified address with the item attached. It will appear in the appropriate library within minutes. Please note, there is a small bug that requires you include text in the email message or the item will not get added. This can be dummy text, as it will not appear in the library.

In order to email to a SharePoint calendar, the process is slightly different. You have to create and send a meeting invitation from your Microsoft Outlook calendar to the address specified. It will automatically appear on the calendar. To add content to all other lists, send a standard email with the entry title in the subject field and the entry body in the message of the email. The entry will populate the list appropriately.