1. Make sure you are on the Advanced Search page. Now, from the Site Actions, select Edit Page.

2. Click the edit link and select Modify Shared Web Part.

3. In the Advanced Search Box,

Click the Scopes and tick the show the scope picker box

expand Properties by clicking the + sign.

4. Click anywhere in the Properties box, a blue shaded “square” button (ellipsis) will appear. Click this button to view the content of the Properties box in an editor. You will see that the editor contains lot of text and there are quite a few sections in the code. We need to add the “Keywords” property to some of these sections in order to make it appear in the advanced search box properties.

5. Locate the <PropertyDefs> tag in the text and add the following property definition tag inside <PropertyDefs> and </PropertyDefs> tags.

<PropertyDef Name=”Tags” DataType=”text” DisplayName=”Tags”/>

6. Locate the tag <ResultTypes>. There is another tag inside this tag:

<ResultType DisplayName=”All Results” Name=”default”>

Add the following property reference tag just before the </ResultType> tag:

<PropertyRef Name=”Tags” />

7. Click OK to close the editor.

8. Click Apply and then OK to save the web part changes.

9. Click the Publish button to save your changes.

10. Now, go to the Advanced Search Page and search your documents using the keywords. 

You need to add knowledge scope into advanced search group by:

1.    In your browser, navigate to your site’s home page.

2.    Click the Site Actions link, and then in Site Settings, click Modify All Site Settings.

3.    In Site Collection Administration, click Search scopes.

4.    Click Advanced Search to open the Edit Display Group page.

5.    In the Scopes section, select Display for Knowledge.

6.    Click OK to save your changes.