Send e-mails in a workflow
– if workflow creates a task you can send the task url in the email
– send your own custom task notifications
– send emails dynamically to a group

Create a Secondary Workflow
– Daily reminders

Email daily task reminders

There are three different actions that create a task, and each action is designed for a specific kind of situation:
Collect Data From User, Assign a Form to a Group, Assign a To-do Item

In addition, several limitations apply to all three task actions:

* When a workflow assigns a task to a group that is identified by a single alias or address, the workflow creates only one task item, which is then shared by the entire group. Any member of the group can edit that single task form and click the Task Complete button. To assign individual tasks to multiple users (only possible with the Assign a Form to a Group or Assign a To-do Item action), enter each user individually in the Select Users dialog box.
* All of the tasks assigned by a single workflow action must be completed before the workflow can continue. If the workflow action assigns individual tasks to six participants, for example, you cannot direct the workflow to continue after only three of the six tasks are completed.
* After a task is assigned to a participant by the workflow, that task cannot be transferred to any other participant (by delegation, forwarding, etc.). However, anyone with the default Contribute permission level to the Tasks list can edit the task item and thus allow the workflow to continue.
* A workflow can use each task only once. After you create a task by using the Custom Task Wizard, there is no way to reuse that task later in the workflow. You can create another task that performs the same function, but the task’s name will have to be different and unique.

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