The issue has very little support out there, so I wanted to post a few fixes I read about, and their result. I’ll post what fixed it for me, but I’m still searching for the all-encompassing solution. Maybe some of the fails below could fix your issue… Please post if you have ideas:

* Tried: Removing and re-adding setup projects: Result: fail
* Tried: Removing my database project and restarting VS: Result: fail
* Tried: Many, MANY, cleans and rebuilds of my solution: Result: fail
* Tried: Reinstall of VS Service Pack 1: Result: No immediate effect
* Tried: Remove and re-add of all project outputs and custom actions: Result: fail
* Tried: Opened the setup projects .vdproj file via Notepad, and removed references to offending project. Re-added my project outputs as usual using File Editor: Result: SUCCESS!