Workflow creation

Now you are ready to create new workflow. This article gives sample how to create workflow from existing template provided by MOSS 2007, in this case (document) Approval workflow template. From Site Action tab menu (upper right side), choose Create link, and click Document Library link in Library section. Select yes options and provide email address for incoming e-mail. I named new document library is my document library, you can name it whatever you like.

in my document library entered from myworkflow site , select Settings > Document Library Settings, and choose Workflow Settings in Permissions and Management section. Click Add a workflow link. Now you can specify items for your new document approval workflow. Here is my workflow sample, choose Approval in Workflow section, give name (my first workflow) in Name section, choose Tasks in Task List and Workflow History in History List section, tick Allow this workflow to be manually started….. in Start Options then click Next.

In next screen, at Workflow Tasks section, select One participant at a time (serial), tick Request a change before completing the task. Define Approvers in Default Workflow Start Values and specify messages that will be included in your workflow request (optional), and due date is set to 2 days. In Complete the Workflow section, uncheck all, and in Post-completion Workflow Activities section, tick Update the approval status (use this workflow to control content approval).

These are my configured workflow, you need to understand option you choose, and try to experiment with different options than mine.

Last mandatory step is to enable document library versioning setting, by clicking Settings > Document Library Settings > Versioning Settings, and select Yes in Content Approval section.

Now your workflow is ready to be run.