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I am starting a record management project and found Michael has posted a good summary of a series of articles.

Below is the links:

  1. Document IDs (can generate custom ID format)
  2. Managed Metadata Service | Term Store (managed terms and enterprise keywords, linked to lists)
  3. In-Place Records Declarations (policies for content types and libraries; no dependency on Record Centre; wiki pages, blog posts, article pages are the records)
  4. Site Collection Auditing
  5. Content Organizer (Routing Rules from SharePoint 2007 are now replaced by content organizer; rules priorities; subfolders creation; email routing)
  6. Hold and eDiscovery
  7. Content Type Publishing Hubs (central location to manage and publish content types)
  8. Retention (inheritance)
  9. Virtual folders and metadata based navigation  (subfolders inherit metadata; Virtual folder can replace views)


  • can’t modify document content after record has been created
  • no item-level security on records