• SharePoint Server 2010 with the October Cumulative Update installed
  • If you have Event ID 3 is logged in the Application log if you run the User Profile Synchronization service after you install hotfix package 2281364 or 2352342 in SharePoint Server 2010, here is the solution
  • Successfully working User Profile Service Application
  • Profile Photo stored in thumbnailPhoto AD attribute (I used the PowerShell script found here to import the picture into the attribute)

Steps to Perform:

  • Create an import PictureURL mapping
  • Perform a full profile synchronization
  • Run the Update-SPProfilePhotoStore PowerShell command
  • Start Full Crawler to get photos in People Search

Here is details steps:

1: Deploy the October CU to all of the servers in the farm.  when installed on the application server ensure that the Profile Sync Service is running (Central Administration, Services on Server, User Profile Synchronization Service).

2: Update the ThumbnailPhoto Property. Access your User Profile Application on the CA, go to Manage User Properties, access the Picture Property, then map the Picture Property to your Active Directory ThumbnailPhoto Property

3: Run a User Synchronization job to re-populate the user profiles.

4: Once the User Synchronization job is complete, access the user properties to see if the Picture Property has picked up some profiles. If it has you’re nearly there!

5: Run a Powershell script to update the profile pictures to the MySite URL. Open up the SharePoint Management Shell and run the following command:

Update-SPProfilePhotoStore -CreateThumbnailsForImportedPhotos 1 -MySiteHostLocation http://<YourServerName>/my

This ensures the profile photos are set into the relevant MySite so that when the user is located their picture is displayed. Additionally, I’ve found that even if you run a sync job to get the pictures from AD that the number of profiles against the property is not updated. The above command corrects that issue.

6: Finally, run the People Crawl to update the user search properties so that when searching for the user the images are displayed.