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PDF can be indexed by Fast Search oob, but there is some configurations to get it work. It took me a while to get the results.

First, to verify you have installed fast search has been installed correctly. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff381272.aspx

You can test by manually push one pdf file to see if it has been indexed.

PS D:\FASTSearch\bin> Docpush -c sp d:\test.pdf
PS D:\FASTSearch\bin> Get-FASTSearchContentCollection -name "sp"
PS D:\FASTSearch\bin> Clear-FASTSearchContentCollection -name "sp"

Then run a crawling, the file should be in your search result.


But the second problem is all PDFs on the site have not been indexed.

You can follow this tutorial to change SharePoint configuration files and registry. Just ignore the iFilter as you don’t need for fast search. Here is the script by Agnes that can do everything for you at once, but remember you need to run on all WFEs.

After all, try to do a full crawl on your content sources, the results are here now.


I am also experiencing to reset all content index so that I can clear all the noisy data. Here is the steps.

Basically you just need to Reset on your Fast Content SSA and then go to Fast Search Server run


Clear-FASTSearchContentCollection -Name <collection name>