If you developed a word template in a content type, later on by setting the default values. You will find the default values are not shown in the Document Information panel.

After doing some testing I figured out that the Document Information Panel seems to get out of sync with a content type when changes are made to the content type schema (including its underlying fields, one of which I changed to set a default value). A lot of the information I found on the web says this only happens with custom (InfoPath-based) Document Information Panel forms or with custom document templates, but it appears to happen in pretty much all cases, not just custom DIP forms or custom document templates.

The fix: You need to “refresh” the DIP form associated with your content type. One way to do this is using InfoPath as Microsoft suggests here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms494347.aspx.

But I still can’t get the default value even it shown in the InfoPath template. the workaround I am using is to modify the word template, just open a new document from the library and select the default value from the Information Panel then saved it as word template. Upload to your content type. It works!