Sometime when a metadata type changed, the DIP will do funny things.

Solution: remove the Document Properties with the Document Inspector

Probably, the Word document you are trying to upload is a Word document downloaded from another SharePoint document library. The source, originaldocument library has probably other metadata (columns) than the document library to which you are trying to upload the Word document.

To fix this, remove these hidden metadata with the Document Inspector:

  1. Open the Word 2007 document and click the Office 2007 button, located on the top-left of the window.
  2. Choose Prepare –> Inspect Document, which will start the Document Inspector.
  3. Check the box Document Properties and Personal Information, which will inspect hidden metadata saved with the document.
  4. Choose Inspect.
  5. Choose Remove All. This will remove all Document server properties and Content type information saved with the Word document.

Aferwards, you’ll be able to upload the Word document to your own SharePoint document libary.