I keep forgetting to the promoted links app in SharePoint 2013 is not added by default.

In SharePoint 2013 each team site by default comes with a new feature named Promoted Links list pre-loaded with links to commonly performed actions. These links are displayed as Tiles in the home page.
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However, in Publishing Portal template you won’t find it unless you activate a feature named “Team Collaboration Lists”.

To enable the “Promoted Links” list, please follow the below steps:

  1. In your Publishing Portal site, click on Settings icon.
  2. Under site actions category, click on Site Features.
  3. Look for Team Collaboration Lists feature and active it by clicking on Activate button.
  4. Click on Settings icon and then press on Add an App button.
  5. Search for Promoted Links and add this app to your site in order to create your own list.