I have a SharePoint list which uses a custom InfoPath form. The list has been used in a production environment for a few months so it has grown to over 30k items.

I had been asked to make a change to the InfoPath form, so I made the change and clicked publish – I get the error “The SOAP message could not be parsed


After few hours research and investigating, I found this:

As this particular list had several calculated fields I decided to delete these and try again, after all, as the InfoPath form publishes it updates every item in the list, so it was logical that the calculated fields would then try to update too and cause a long session. When I went to delete these columns I received an error “This page has been modified since you last opened it”. From previous experienced I knew this was a custom branding issue, so I reset my master page back to the out of the box V4 and tried to delete the calculated columns again, this time they deleted fine.

I then clicked on customise form, made the changes to the InfoPath form, clicked publish …. It worked!!